Zoetermeer City of Leisure

This hospitable city welcomes its visitors with open arms… whether you’re interested in discovering the specific culture of this region, want to enjoy some culinary masterpieces, or just want to get out and see the sights; there is something for everyone in Zoetermeer!

Zoetermeer is a multi-dimensional city where you can find a multitude of facilities for sportsmen and recreational athletes alike. There are popular attractions that draw national attention like the winter sports paradise SnowWorld, indoor and outdoor rock climbing centre Ayers Rock, BurgGolf Zoetermeer, Dutch Water Dreams and the multi-functional (ice) centre PWA Silverdome, or as we call them… THE BIG FIVE! This is what makes Zoetermeer unique.

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Historical or modern shopping
The Dorpsstraat is the beautiful historical town centre of Zoetermeer. There are monumental residences and shops where several specialized businesses have found their home: art galleries, furnishing stores, caterers and delis, and boutiques… all of this and more! The modern city centre, the Stadshart, is a completely traffic-free pedestrian zone where larger stores are mixed in with smaller specialty shops.

Culinary adventures and evenings out
There is a lot to enjoy in the excellent restaurants in Zoetermeer and a great time is guaranteed in the various clubs and bars. Whether you want to have a great night out dancing in clubs, or if you want to enjoy a cultural evening out…anything’s possible!

Zoetermeer a city where old and new come together. Zoetermeer is a booming city that, in a relatively short time, has transformed from a small village into the third city of South Holland. Zoetermeer holds a leading position within the Dutch architecture in terms of urban planning. There is a large variation in building styles, which makes this city adventurous and exciting. Even though there are several new and exciting architectural masterpieces, the past is still tangible in the different districts of Zoetermeer.

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Green areas and sports
Zoetermeer is a very green city. A city with many neighborhood parks, recreation areas, ponds and parks where one can enjoy hiking, cycling, several other sports and recreation. Surfing, sailing, swimming, mountain biking, go-karting, horse riding and (rock) climbing are a few of the many sporting opportunities that Zoetermeer has to offer.

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